Day of Absence

A Black to Black Double Feature: DOA / KMBA 2


  • By:Douglass Turner Ward
  • Directed by:Quentin Talley


OnQ kicks off its 10th Year Anniversary with Productions brings the critically acclaim, Day of Absence by Douglas Turner Ward. This play, set in 1963 at the height of the civil rights movement, starts off in a sleepy southern town during the Jim Crow era. Its white citizens are ready for another day for business as usual, till they realize that all of their black citizens have disappeared without a trace. The town eventually falls into a panic and the outcome is that the town will never be the same again. Artistic Director, Quentin Talley, directs this satirical one-act.


  • By:Dani Brockington, Iesha Hoffman, Carlos Robson, Boris Rogers, Stacey Rose,
  • Directed by:Stacey Rose


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Performance Schedule

Oct 26 - Wednesday at 7:30pm
Oct 27 - Thursday at 7:30pm
Oct 28 - Friday at 8:00pm
Oct 29 - Saturday at 8:00pm
Oct 30 - Sunday at 3:00pm
Nov 1 - Tuesday at 7:30pm
Nov 2 - Wednesday at 7:30pm
Nov 3 - Thursday at 7:30pm
Nov 4 - Friday at 8:00pm